Reasons Why Your Car is Dented 

Even if most of us spend more time in the comfort of our homes now than before, our automobiles are nearly almost in danger of being dented, particularly when we’re off to someplace to do things. But, when you know what you should pay attention to, you’ll potentially prevent some unwanted collisions. Most of the time, cars are dented due to the several reasons such as the following: 


Human mistake 

In terms of denting our cars, we are usually our own worst enemies. Perhaps we accidentally took a speed bump too fast, parked too near to a curb or we pulled up too far in a parking area. Any of these can cause vehicle dent.  

Distracted driving 

There are instances when you are just not focused while driving your car—perhaps you are talking to somebody in the backseat or you’re talking on the phone. Take note that we can easily get distracted. Because of this, you or another driver may unexpectedly bump into another car, denting your car in the end. 

Vehicle doors 

It doesn’t matter if your car is parked on a parking lot, the street, or in your driveway, your car will always be prone to other cars. Perhaps the driver who parked along with you might fail to pay attention as they swing open their door or get out or inside the vehicle. Sometimes, this causes your vehicle to be hit and results in car dents.  

Shopping carts 

Usually, we search for a parking area that’s far from any shopping carts once we go to stores. But somebody could leave their shopping carts unattended close to your vehicle while you’re shopping inside the store. Slowly, the shopping cart can be blown by the wind and eventually comes close to your car, leading to a scratch or dent. It’s the shopper’s responsibility to take back their carts to the right location. However, that doesn’t happen all the time.  

Automatic vehicle washes 

As automated car washes are convenient and one of the great means to have a break from your home, they can sometimes leave unsolicited dents on your car. However, keep in mind that during the car washing process, it can be bumped especially if it’s on a conveyor belt. As a result, it may leave an unwanted dent.  

Recreational equipment  

Sadly, any recreational equipment can hit your car even as it’s parked in your driveway. During this pandemic season, a lot of kids and families try to spend more time outdoors. You might even see you and your household members enjoying a few recreational activities outdoors. While your neighbor or your kids kicks or throws a ball, they will inevitably miss their targets and hits a car instead. One poor kick or throw and your car will be dented.   

However, you don’t have to worry too much if your car will be dented as professional paintless dent repair Dallas can always help you fix that right away. For more info, check us out.